1 for luck

I have really enjoyed this course.  Not so much the blogging because I would rather blog my thoughts about anything rather than keeping it course related, but I get the point of the exercise and now I get what all this blogging is about.  There are so many interesting bloggers out there that you could get lost and spend countless hours just reading and wading through them all as one more thing catches your eye and sparks an interest.

Phew …nearly there…..GO the Maroons!!!!!

I really need to get rid of this part of assignment 3 so I can focus on the real stuff!!  And with the State of Origin tomorrow night , I have to work extra hard over the next 30 hours!!  I know everyone is different and not all people are interested in sport however, my fellow female friends pay me out for loving sport and wanting to watch some sport on weekends, whether it be live or on television.  Yet some of them confess to enjoying the tennis or watching dressage/horse stuff etc.  Hmmm I think they fall under the category of sport don’t they?  Sport takes on many forms, I like the action packed AFL, bit of NRL and the occasional Union.  Well actually my list would go on if I sat and thought about it.  In a nutshell though I enjoy sport and even if it’s not a sport I’m usually partial to I will make a point of watching it if it’s a big competition like World Cup, Olympics etc

Go the mighty maroons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 to go

I think I’ll keep the rest of these blogs shorter.  My average has probably taken care of the word count so this is merely an exercise of numbers now!  In case you haven’t read any of my previous posts, I’m knocking out a few to meet the 3 or more requirement, aiming for 5 marks.  I did well in the first 2 assignments so there isn’t really any pressure to do well in this 3rd assignment but I’m the type of student that looks to the top tier in a rubric rather than just focusing on a pass 🙂  I might blame my mum and possibly dad for my perfectionist behaviours!! 🙂

And another one bites the dust!

I hate doing exercises like this just to satisfy criteria.  Not much learning occurs and I can relate that to some experiences whilst on prac.  It’s amazing how much student work doesn’t get finished or is missed if they are away.  And with C2C there is absolutely no time to go back to catch students up.  Teachers are just ploughing on through the C2C stated learning and I wonder if it is indepth enough that we can say they have really learnt something.  The bright kids will be fine but the gap is widening between the bright and the middle to lower learners.  Almost like the rich are getting richer while the poor get poorer!

Miscalculation – lack of sleep possible cause?

I thought I’d kept track of my posts and after today’s 2 posts was thinking I was “done n dusted” re the learning journal side of assignment 3 so I can concentrate on bigger things!  Big NO….I’m not!!  Grrrr!  I had only done 2 posts each week and looking at the top mark I need 3 posts.  And as noted by David in this weeks learning path “this is the 3rd time round for this”.  We should have it by now!  Managed to achieve 5 marks for the past 2 assignments, don’t know what happened this time or why I was thinking only 2?  Anyway I know I can smash up 3 more after this one and meet the criteria but that’s not the point.  I had kept track of my workload so I wasn’t working on anything but assignments this week and plus the next few blogs are going to be just babble (more so than usual!).  Bit mad at myself.  Oh well must move on and knock out another few posts!

Unsuccesses? not sure that’s a word but it is now!! he he! (Not so successful prac experiences)

I’m feeling a bit cheeky today and I’m trying to have some fun in this serious stage of the semester …… this might be my last blog for a while, with assignments and an exam looming!  And no….. “unsuccesses” is not a word nor is “unsuccess”, unsuccessful however is a real word and whilst I had some unsuccessful experiences on prac I didn’t feel that they impeded my teaching nor provided a lesser learning experience for students.  It’s more about the disappointment (especially if you’ve put in hours of work the night before or on the weekend!!)  However if I were to list them or group my “not so successful” experiences it would be:

  • time constraints
  • blocking of sites by EQ security
  • lack of knowledge re: IWB functions, usage.
  • lack of knowledge re: IWB by other teachers so no help. (although I looked up troubleshooting guides for hours!! etc. to no avail)
  • design of the classroom – where laptop was difficult to access and I had to walk almost to the back of class to change what was being viewed etc.

All in all ….this was the best prac experience I’ve had!  I’ve found my “teachers” hat, voice and just a better overall understanding of a large range of things.  As a student I have often done courses/assignments/learning materials and sat and thought….”how does this fit?” or “how the heck is this going to help me become a teacher?”  Hmmm now I can say “ah huh, now I get it!”   It’s like….. finally…..it’s all starting to gel!!

Here’s some other great sites I found along the way – subject specific

Science – Kids Astronomy

History – BBC History for Kids

Prac Successes

ICT’s to enhance learning……is not just getting kids to use a computer!!

I know I was guilty of the above statement prior to this course.  It’s not that I’m not a “smart” thinker but rather I’ve been trapped into ways of thinking based on my limited experience in a classroom and also by following what I have observed from previous mentors (the little experience I have had).  My biggest success, and although there were many, was a lesson in my second week of prac where I introduced the lesson with prior knowledge from previous lesson/recap by using an interactive game.  I found this great game that was extremely relevant to the learning outcomes.  I divided the class into 2 groups, just to reduce congestion around the laptop, and also I wanted every child to have a turn.  They lined up and each got a turn at the game and were really well behaved (they didn’t want to miss out!).  The whole class was engaged, encouraging their peers and cheering them on!  I thought I might encounter problems afterwards in trying to bring them back on task but how surprised I was!  The usual disruptive students settled down well and all students worked the best I had seen them work.  It was a great lesson!

It reinforced the message of this course or for me the strongest message I have taken from this course is ………we are teaching these young children of the 21st Century and we can’t continue the way we have been and just talk to teach.  They are screaming out to be “entertained” and it’s not their fault and we shouldn’t hold against them the era in which they’ve been born and the changes that have occurred since our time at school (well for me that’s over 20 years ago).  I don’t blame students for being “bored” with school or growing a dislike for school.  My mission when I’m a fully fledge teacher is to remember the world in which these kids are living in and cater for that.  There will be even more changes as time goes by and I will have to take mental notes of those changes and implement changes in my teaching accordingly 🙂

The Kids National Geographic site has an array of resources and is where I found my “fun” game that I mentioned above.


Reflection on 1st week of prac

The school where I’m completing my prac attracts students from low-medium socio-economic families.  At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, based on the school’s reputation or local’s impressions one would think it’s a “not so nice” school.  How far from the truth that statement is!!  The staff at the school are amazing, the vibe in the staffroom sends a clear message that this is a team of professionals that not only take their job seriously but they have a “working together” attitude and the moral is high.  The Deputy Principal is a little lady but boy, does she pack a punch!  The expectations of the school are high and this is, and has been, engrained in the culture of the school.  There is a no nonsense message to students and it is backed up by a no tolerance stance by the administration.  Of course there’s the few mischief’s, no different to any school in any area, but overall the students and families are great!  I am in a 4/5 class and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week, my mentor is fantastic.  She is…. hmmm not sure but I would say, on the verge of elderly?  However, her students (in her class and across the school) have utmost respect for her and the way she manages her students is an eye opener.  Some would think that someone of her age wouldn’t be able to handle the naughtier ones but she has little to no behaviour issues in her class and the way she handles them and the expectations she has of them is well known by the students.  Due to Naplan, I was shuffled here and there a bit over the course of the week but I had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be “flexible” as a teacher and that things don’t always go to plan!!  The children handled the upheaval really well, considering the remaining year 4’s were moved to different classes about 3 times during the course of each day, they did very well for students of their age.  Having said that, it will be nice to be back to “normal” this week.  Hoping I can use more of my ICT skills and knowledge to enhance their learning this week.  Really want to try and incorporate something from TES (Think, Educate, Share) like this online resource to enhance the understanding of 3D shapes.

Google Docs

I haven’t used google docs in the past.  There is so much out there it’s almost a waste, with all the wading through looking for really rich enhancements I’m sure so much slips by.  I can see google docs being a great tool in the classroom but I need to know more.  I liked Jen’s example google doc here …. but I’d like to see what she receives her end/or what it looks like? I guess to find out I’ll have to do a sample too 🙂

IWB & what I would like to know

It’s like anything new, most of us get thrown in the deep end and become self taught on many things.  However I would really like to start from the IWB basics etc then once I have that I think I will be fine to explore on my own.  Need to know more troubleshooting tips too because often the classroom teacher isn’t able to help much when there’s a problem.


Found this introduction to activeinspire video demo.