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ICT’s to enhance learning……is not just getting kids to use a computer!!

I know I was guilty of the above statement prior to this course.  It’s not that I’m not a “smart” thinker but rather I’ve been trapped into ways of thinking based on my limited experience in a classroom and also by following what I have observed from previous mentors (the little experience I have had).  My biggest success, and although there were many, was a lesson in my second week of prac where I introduced the lesson with prior knowledge from previous lesson/recap by using an interactive game.  I found this great game that was extremely relevant to the learning outcomes.  I divided the class into 2 groups, just to reduce congestion around the laptop, and also I wanted every child to have a turn.  They lined up and each got a turn at the game and were really well behaved (they didn’t want to miss out!).  The whole class was engaged, encouraging their peers and cheering them on!  I thought I might encounter problems afterwards in trying to bring them back on task but how surprised I was!  The usual disruptive students settled down well and all students worked the best I had seen them work.  It was a great lesson!

It reinforced the message of this course or for me the strongest message I have taken from this course is ………we are teaching these young children of the 21st Century and we can’t continue the way we have been and just talk to teach.  They are screaming out to be “entertained” and it’s not their fault and we shouldn’t hold against them the era in which they’ve been born and the changes that have occurred since our time at school (well for me that’s over 20 years ago).  I don’t blame students for being “bored” with school or growing a dislike for school.  My mission when I’m a fully fledge teacher is to remember the world in which these kids are living in and cater for that.  There will be even more changes as time goes by and I will have to take mental notes of those changes and implement changes in my teaching accordingly 🙂

The Kids National Geographic site has an array of resources and is where I found my “fun” game that I mentioned above.


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