Unsuccesses? not sure that’s a word but it is now!! he he! (Not so successful prac experiences)

I’m feeling a bit cheeky today and I’m trying to have some fun in this serious stage of the semester …… this might be my last blog for a while, with assignments and an exam looming!  And no….. “unsuccesses” is not a word nor is “unsuccess”, unsuccessful however is a real word and whilst I had some unsuccessful experiences on prac I didn’t feel that they impeded my teaching nor provided a lesser learning experience for students.  It’s more about the disappointment (especially if you’ve put in hours of work the night before or on the weekend!!)  However if I were to list them or group my “not so successful” experiences it would be:

  • time constraints
  • blocking of sites by EQ security
  • lack of knowledge re: IWB functions, usage.
  • lack of knowledge re: IWB by other teachers so no help. (although I looked up troubleshooting guides for hours!! etc. to no avail)
  • design of the classroom – where laptop was difficult to access and I had to walk almost to the back of class to change what was being viewed etc.

All in all ….this was the best prac experience I’ve had!  I’ve found my “teachers” hat, voice and just a better overall understanding of a large range of things.  As a student I have often done courses/assignments/learning materials and sat and thought….”how does this fit?” or “how the heck is this going to help me become a teacher?”  Hmmm now I can say “ah huh, now I get it!”   It’s like….. finally…..it’s all starting to gel!!

Here’s some other great sites I found along the way – subject specific

Science – Kids Astronomy

History – BBC History for Kids

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